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Blind Joe Taggart Vol 2 1929 - 1934

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Rev. Edward W Clayborn
Blind Joe Taggart
Blind Gussie Nesbit
Six Cylinder Smith


Six Cylinder Smith (possibly Blind Joe Taggart)
01 - Oh oh lonesome blues Listen
02 - Pennsylvania woman blues (take 1-test) Listen
03 - Pennsylvania woman blues (take 2) Listen

Blind Joe Taggart
04 - Wonder will my trouble then be over Listen
05 - Strange things happening in the land Listen
06 - Waded in the water trying to get home Listen
07 - He done what the world couldn`t do (tk. 2) Listen
08 - He done what the world couldn`t do (tk. 3) Listen
09 - Satan your kingdom must come down Listen
10 - I ain`t no sinner now (l-701) Listen
11 - Pressin` up that shiny way Listen
12 - In that pearly white city above Listen
13 - I wonder will my mother be on that train? Listen
14 - God`s gonna separate the wheat from the tares Listen
15 - When I stand before the king Listen
16 - I ain`t no sinner now (c-9501) Listen

Blind Gussie Nesbit
17 - Pure religion Listen
18 - Canaan land Listen
19 - Motherless children Listen
20 - I`ll just stand and wring my hands and cry Listen

Rev. Edward W Clayborn
21 - Your true friends Listen
22 - Come and go with me to my father`s house Listen
23 - When I lay my burden down Listen
24 - Where shall I be when the first trumpet sounds? alternate take (1927) Listen
25 - There`ll be glory (when we reach the other shore) (c-736) Listen

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