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Sister Ernestine Washington 1943 - 1948

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Bunk Johnson's Band
Sister Ernestine and Rev F Washington


Sister Ernestine Washington
01 - My record will be there Listen
02 - The Lord is my shepherd Listen
03 - I am going back to Jesus Listen
04 - Come thru the water and the flood Listen
05 - If I could just make it in (with the Dixie Hummingbirds) Listen
06 - Savior don`t pass me by (with the Dixie Hummingbirds) Listen

Sister Ernestine B Washington
07 - Does Jesus care? (w. Bunk Johnson`s Band) Listen
08 - Does Jesus care? (alternate take) (with Bunk Johnson`s Band) Listen
09 - The Lord will make a way somehow (with Bunk Johnson`s band) Listen
10 - Where could I go but to the Lord (with Bunk Johnson`s band) Listen
11 - God`s amazing grace (with Bunk Johnson`s Band) Listen
12 - O lord, remember me Listen
13 - Jesus prayed for you and I Listen
14 - The uncloudy day Listen
15 - Never turn back no more Listen

Mme Ernestine Washington
16 - The Lord will make me a way Listen
17 - I thank you Lord Listen

Sister Ernestine Washington
18 - What could I do? Listen
19 - God shall wipe all tears away Listen

Rev. Frederick D. Washington
20 - The wildest creature Listen

Sister Ernestine Washington
21 - Bound for Canaan land Listen
22 - I`m gonna live the life I sing about Listen

Rev. Frederick D. Washington
23 - What are you raising your children for? (rev. f. washington) Listen

Mme Ernestine Washington
24 - Prayer changes things Listen
25 - We will walk through the valley Listen
26 - Each day Listen
27 - Jesus is all the world to me Listen

Note: Continued on Document DOCD-5620.
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