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Barrel House Women Vol 2 1924 - 1928

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Star Page
Mattie Dorsey
Sodarisa Miller
Alice Pearson


Sodarisa Miller
01 - Hot springs water blues (take 1) Listen
02 - Hot springs water blues (take 2) Listen
03 - Who`ll drive my blues away (take 1) Listen
04 - Broadway daddy blues Listen
05 - Down by the river blues (take 2) Listen
06 - Don`t dog me `round Listen
07 - Confession blues Listen
08 - Nobody knows Listen
09 - Sunshine special (take 2) Listen
10 - Be yourself Listen
11 - Fightin` blues Listen
12 - Midnight special Listen
13 - Reckless don`t care mama blues Listen
14 - Lonesome room blues Listen
15 - I keeps my kitchen clean Listen

Alice Pearson
16 - Memphis earthquake Listen
17 - Black sow blues Listen
18 - Greenville levee blues Listen
19 - Third St. blues Listen
20 - Greyhound blues Listen

Mattie Dorsey
21 - Oh, wasn`t it nice Listen
22 - Mattie blues Listen
23 - Stingaree blues Listen
24 - Love me daddy blues Listen

Star Page
25 - Georgia blues Listen
26 - I ain`t puttn` out Listen

It is always unsatisfactory, even misleading, to attempt to classify or pigeonhole blues styles but it is probably safe to say that, in the main, the first volume of "Blue Girls" concentrates on the would-be blues stars of the twenties who never actually made it due to a lack of opportunity and certainly not as a lack of talent. This compilation brings together the country-cum-folk roots of the blues, as represented by Katherine C. McDavid, Margaret Thornton and Mozelle Alderson with the professional blues vocals of Mary Dixon and Issie Ringgold and the classic combination of first rate jazz musicians including Miles Davis, Blind James Beck, Louis Metcalf Ed Allen and J.C. Johnson.
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