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Leadbelly Vol 6 1947

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01 - Yellow gal Listen
02 - You can`t lose me Cholly Listen
03 - Laura Listen
04 - Good morning blues Listen
05 - Leaving blues Listen
06 - Big fat woman Listen
07 - Gray goose Listen
08 - Pick a bale of cotton Listen
09 - Take this hammer Listen
10 - Bring me a little water Silvy Listen
11 - Moaning Listen
12 - Meeting at the building Listen
13 - Wshall walk through the valley Listen
14 - Irene good night Listen
15 - cotton song Listen
16 - Ha ha this way Listen
17 - Sukey jump (win' jammer) Listen
18 - Black girl Listen
19 - Rock island line Listen
20 - Blind lemon (song) Listen
21 - Borrow love and go Listen
22 - On a monday (i'm almost done) Listen
23 - Shorty George Listen
24 - Duncan (and Brady) Listen
25 - Old Riley Listen
26 - Leavin' blues (Leavin' in the morning) Listen
27 - Pigmeat Listen
28 - If it wasn't for Dicky Listen
29 - Black Betty / Old man / On a Monday Listen
30 - turn yo' radio on Listen
31 - No good rider Listen
32 - Howard Hughes Listen
33 - New York City Listen
34 - The Gallis Pole Listen
35 - I'm leavin' on the morning train Listen
36 - Jean Harlow Listen
37 - Good mornin' blues Listen
38 - Eagle rock rag Listen

Leadbelly 1939 – 1947  Volume 6; 1947 (Commercial recordings)

Lead Belly, twelve-string guitar, concertina, piano
Blues, ballads, work songs, spirituals.

Informative booklet note by Ken Romaowski
Detailed discography.

It is indeed fortunate that an undiscovered session of Leadbelly's songs such as this has surfaced fifty years after it's recording.

In a lot of ways 1947 was a crucial year for Lead Belly. After his disappointing attempts to break into the film industry, he returned to New York to re-enter the circle of politically active performers who rightly revered Lead Belly as something of an elder statesman. In New York he headlined some prestigious concerts, had a regular slot at the Village Vanguard and continued to record for Moe Asch.

Two blocks of these recordings for Asch made in the summer of 1947 make up the bulk of this CD. Almost two thirds of the total number of titles are re-recordings of tracks previously released by Asch. Some of the remaining titles are remakes of unissued masters recorded by Asch, whilst some are new versions previously released by Victor, Bluebird and Musicraft. A handful of songs are new to Lead Belly's recorded catalogue, such as two energetic and charming numbers on which he accompanies himself on the concertina or “win-jammer” as he referred to it: Laura and Sukey Jump.

The last batch of songs on this CD are not listed in any of the discographies and may have been recorded by one of the smaller, independent New York record labels. These include a new version of Black Betty, Old Man and On A Monday. A good number of the tracks from this session were not released by anyone in 1947, even though versions were recorded by the Library of Congress, Asch and others.

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