Document Records - Vintage Blues and Jazz

Document Records
Field Recordings Vol 5 Louisiana Texas Bahamas 1933 - 1940

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Elizabeth Austin with group of children
Sin-Killer Griffin
Joe Harris
Curtis Harton
Willie George Albertine King
Uncle Bob Ledbetter
Noah Moore
Nassau String Band
David Pryor
Kid West


Unidentified Female Singer (Convict)
01 - Shake, shake Mattie Listen

02 - a) The Western Cowboy b) Honey, take a whiff on me c) Angola blues (b-4) d) Angola blues (b-5) e) Frankie and Albert (119) Listen
03 - a) Irene b) Take a whiff on me c) You cain` lose me, Cholly d) Irene e) Irene f) Ella Speed Listen
04 - Mr Tom Hughe's town Listen
05 - I got up this morning, had to get up soon Listen
06 - Western cowboy Listen
07 - Blind Lemon blues Listen
08 - Matchbox blues Listen

Curtis Harton & Group
09 - (Don't) the moon looks pretty Listen

Jimmy Peters
10 - Les Haricots sont pas sales Listen

Joe Harris & Kid West
11 - Railroad rag Listen
12 - Nobody's business if I do Listen
13 - Bully of the town Listen
14 - Old hen cackled and rooster laid an egg Listen

Noah Moore
15 - I done tole you Listen

Uncle Bob Ledbetter & Noah Moore
16 - Irene Listen

Willie George Albertine King
17 - Boll Weevil Listen

Sin-Killer Griffin
18 - Wasn't that a mighty storm Listen
19 - The man of Calvary (Easter service) Listen

David Pryor
20 - Roll 'im on down (Bahamian launching song) Listen
21 - Dig my grave (Spiritual) Listen
22 - Round the bay of Mexico (Sea Shanty) Listen
23 - Bowline (Sea Shanty) Listen

Elizabeth Austin with group of children
24 - Sail Gal (Ring Game) Listen

Group From Nassau with Drum
25 - Hallie Rock (Jumping Dance) Listen

Nassau String Band
26 - Bimini Gal Listen

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