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Ma Rainey Vol 1 1923 - 1924

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Gertrude 'Ma' Rainey
Ma Rainey

01 - Bad luck blues Listen
02 - Bo-weavil blues (take 1) Listen
03 - Bo-weavil blues (take 2) Listen
04 - Barrel house blues Listen
05 - Those all night long blues (take 1) Listen
06 - Those all night long blues (take 2) Listen
07 - Moonshine blues Listen
08 - Last minute blues Listen
09 - Southern blues Listen
10 - Walking blues Listen
11 - Lost wandering blues Listen
12 - Dream blues Listen
13 - Honey where you been so long Listen
14 - Ya-da-do (take 2) Listen
15 - Ya-da-do (take 3) Listen
16 - Those dogs of mine (famous cornfield blues) Listen
17 - Lucky rock blues Listen
18 - South bound blues Listen
19 - Lawd send me a man blues Listen
20 - Ma Rainey`s mystery record Listen
21 - Shave `em dry blues Listen
22 - Farewell daddy blues Listen

“Ma” Rainey Vol 1 1923 – 1924

“Ma” Rainey, vocal.

With contributions by;
Lovie Austin, piano.
Tommy Ladnier, cornet.
Jimmy O’Bryant, clarinet.
Miles Pruitt, banjo;
Milas Pruitt, guitar.

Genres; Classic Blues, Jazz.
Informative booklet notes by Gary Atkinson.
Detailed discography.

When thirty seven year old Gertrude "Ma" Rainey first walked into a Chicago recording studio one winter day late in 1923, she brought with her over two decades of training and experience as a stage performer, spanning from the traditions of the nineteenth century black minstrel shows to the latest in vaudeville. She first heard and publicly performed blues songs in 1902 when she was sixteen.

In the studio with her was the house pianist for both Paramount and the Monogram theatre, Lovie Austin. Lovie was well respected by many of the artists whom she accompanied. A competent musician, she often helped musicians like "Ma" and Alberta Hunter by writing out their song scores for copyright. With Her Blues Serenaders Lovie introduced the first bars of Bad Luck Blues a slow, mournful, solid blues which marked the beginning of five years of recordings by the earliest known professional blues artist to record. In this context it was fitting that Williams released two other titles from the session, Moonshine Blues and Southern Blues, as her first record and gave her the title of "Mother Of The Blues".

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