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Leadbelly Vol 2 1935

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01 - Ella Speed (54-b) Listen
02 - Frankie and Albert (127-a) Listen
03 - Frankie and Albert (127-b) Listen
04 - Got a gal in town with her mouth chock full of gold (130-b) Listen
05 - Mary don`t you weep (131-b-1) Listen
06 - Way over in the promised land (131-b-2) Listen
07 - Death letter blues (132-a) Listen
08 - Midnight special (133-a) Listen
09 - The Shreveport jail (133-b) Listen
10 - Western cowboy (135-b) Listen
11 - Blind Lemon blues (136-b) Listen
12 - Mr. Tom Hughes` town (137-a) Listen
13 - Mr. Tom Hughes` town (137-b-1) Listen
14 - You cain` loose-a-me, Cholly (137-b-2) Listen
15 - Green corn (139-a-1) Listen
16 - The maid freed from the gallows (139-a-2) Listen
17 - Po` howard (139-b) Listen
18 - Matchbox blues (141-b) Listen
19 - Gwine dig a hole to put the devil in (142-b-1) Listen
20 - Old man settin` in the corner dyin` (142-b-2) Listen
21 - Blues I got make a new born baby cry (47-b) Listen

DOCD-5592 Leadbelly Vol 2 (1935)
Leadbelly, vocal, 12-string guitar.
Texas Country Blues, ballads, dance tunes
Texas Songster
Informative booklet notes.
Detailed discography.
The recordings on this Leadbelly CD were originally made for the Library of Congress in February/March 1935, under the supervision of John and Alan Lomax. The bulk of the session was recorded at Wilton, Connecticut in February 1935, an area with a strong anti-slavery sentiment, Wilton also served as a stop on the Underground Railroad.
There is a wide selection of songs and genres of music in Leadbelly's seemingly endless repertoire, which places him as much of a “songster” as a bluesman. Ella Speed is a ballad about a New Orleans good-time girl. There are two versions of Frankie and Albert a ballad which would remain in Leadbelly's repertoire throughout his career. There are the religious songs Mary Don't You Weep and Way Over In The Promised Land, the prisoners song Midnight Special, which went on to be a hit for Lonnie Donegan. Highlights of blues numbers Leadbelly recorded in this session are Blind Lemon Blues which is a tribute to the fellow Texan blue musician Blind Lemon Jefferson, with whom he played on the streets of Dallas at the start of his career and Matchbox Blues a track that Blind Lemon recorded for both Paramount and Okeh Records in 1927 (found on Document Records DOCD-5018).
A great many of these recordings were made in field settings on early, primitive portable disc-cutting equipment. This equipment along with various aluminium and acetate discs, though not of the highest quality in so far as sound is concerned, has served to preserve the many brilliant performances of Leadbelly. It is felt that Leadbelly never sounded as well anywhere else as he did when he was recording for the Library. He appears relaxed, strong, crisp and creative.
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