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Blind Willie McTell Statesboro Blues The Early Years 1927 ~ 1935

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Blind Willie McTell


Blind Willie McTell
01 - Writin' Paper Blues Listen
02 - Stole Rider Blues Listen
03 - Mama, Tain't Long Fo' Day Listen
04 - Mr. McTell Got The Blues (take 1) Listen
05 - Mr. McTell Got The Blues (take 2) Listen
06 - Three Women Blues Listen
07 - Dark Night Blues Listen
08 - Statesboro Blues Listen
09 - Love Talking Blues Listen
10 - Atlanta Strut Listen
11 - Travelin' Blues Listen
12 - Come On Around To My House Mama Listen
13 - Kind Mama Listen
14 - Teasing Brown Listen
15 - Drive Away Blues Listen
16 - This Is Not The Stove To Brown Your Bread Listen
17 - Love Changing Blues Listen
18 - Talkin' To Myself Listen
19 - Razor Ball Listen
20 - Southern Can Is Mine Listen
21 - Broke Down Engine Blues Listen
22 - Stomp Down Rider Listen
23 - Scarey Day Blues Listen
24 - Rough Alley Blues Listen
25 - Experience Blues Listen
26 - Painful Blues Listen
27 - Low Rider's Blues Listen
28 - Georgia Rag Listen
29 - Low Down Blues Listen
30 - Rollin' Mama Blues Listen
31 - Lonesome Day Blues Listen
32 - Mama, Let Me Scoop For You Listen
33 - Searching The Desert For The Blues Listen
34 - Warm It Up To Me Listen
35 - It's Your Time To Worry Listen
36 - It's A Good Little Thing Listen
37 - You Was Born To Die Listen
38 - Dirty Mistreater Listen
39 - Lord Have Mercy If You Please Listen
40 - Don't You See How This World Made A Change Listen
41 - Savanah Mama Listen
42 - Broke Down Engine Listen
43 - Broke Down Engine No. 2 (take 1) Listen
44 - Broke Down Engine No. 2 (take 2) Listen
45 - My Baby's Gone Listen
46 - Love Makin' Mama (take 1) Listen
47 - Love Makin' Mama (take 2) Listen
48 - Death Room Blues (take 1) Listen
49 - Death Room Blues (take 2) Listen
50 - Death Cell Blues Listen
51 - Lord, Send Me An Angel (take 1) Listen
52 - Lord, Send Me An Angel (take 2) Listen
53 - B and O Blues No.2 (take 1) Listen
54 - B and O Blues No.2 (take 2) Listen
55 - Weary Hearted Blues Listen
56 - Bell Street Lightnin' Listen
57 - Southern Can Mama Listen
58 - Runnin' Me Crazy Listen
59 - East St. Louis Blues (Fare You Well) Listen
60 - Ain't it grand to be a Christian Listen
61 - We Got To Meet Death One Day (take 1) Listen
62 - We Got To Meet Death One Day (take 2) Listen
63 - Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around Listen
64 - I Got Religion, I'm So Glad Listen
65 - Dying Gambler Listen
66 - God Don't Like It Listen
67 - Bell Street Blues Listen
68 - Let Me Play With Yo' Yo Yo Listen
69 - Lay Some Flowers On My Grave Listen
70 - Ticket Agent Blues Listen
71 - Cold Winter Day Listen
72 - Your Time To Worry Listen
73 - Cooling Board Blues Listen
74 - Hillbilly Willie's Blues Listen

Blind Willie McTell Statesboro Blues - The Early Years (1927 – 1935)

Blind Willie McTell, vocal, 12-string guitar, 6-string guitar.
With contributions by:
Curly Weaver, vocal guitar.
Ruby Glaze, vocal.
Kate McTell, vocal.
Genres: Country Blues, Georgia Blues, Ragtime Guitar, Bottleneck-slide Guitar, Guitar Evangelist.

Informative, illustrated 20 page booklet by David Evans.
Detailed discography.

If Robert Johnson was the king of the Mississippi blues and Blind Lemon Jefferson was the king of the Texas blues then the Royal Crown of the Georgia blues must go to Blind Willie McTell. In addition, he was also a king of the twelve string guitar on which he played some of the deepest “country blues”, intricate “ragtime” and some of the finest “bottleneck slide guitar” to have been recorded.

This three CD set covers the early years of this unique and extraordinary blues musician who, though revered by many including, Taj Mahal, The Alman Brothers, Bob Dylan and Jack White, all of who have covered his songs, has never been imitated. There is now a thriving annual blues festival dedicated to the memory of Blind Willie Mctell which take place in his home town of Thomson, Georgia. 

This set demonstrates the wide breadth of Blind McTell’s repertoire with some of the best blues on record, including the remarkable Mama, Tain’t Long Fo’ Day, the celebrated Statesboro Blues, the low down Broke Down Engine and the enchanting Travelin’ Blues. There are enthralling ragtime numbers including; Georgia Rag, Southern Can Is Mine and Atlanta Strut. McTell was equally at home playing religious pieces, similar to the guitar evangelists of the time including his good friend the great Blind Willie Johnson. We Got To Meet Death One Day, I Got Religion, I'm So Glad and God Don't Like It are just a few which demonstrate that McTell was a fine all-rounder.

Joining him on some of the tracks are Ruby Glaze, his wife Kate, his close companion Curly Weaver and others. The set replaces the three separate volumes of Blind Willie McTell’s work in the Document catalogue; DOCD-5006, DOCD-5007 and DOCD-5008. It has additional tracks which first saw their re-issues scattered in Document’s “Too Late” series.

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