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Great Boogie Woogie News 1993 - 1995

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Martin Pyrker
Frank Muschalle
Daniel Gugolz
Tibor Grasser

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Frank Muschalle
01 - Boogie woogie stomp Listen
02 - Farish Street jive Listen
03 - Good morning blues Listen
04 - Meade`s boogie Listen
05 - Ahrensburg 80 Listen
07 - Feel the blues Listen
08 - O. B. blues Listen
09 - Fort Worth stomp Listen
10 - Goodbye ma! Listen

Tibor Grasser
11 - Hootie`s old stuff Listen
12 - Confessin` the blues Listen
13 - Four o`clock blues Listen
14 - Pinetop blues Listen
15 - Boogie woogie Listen
16 - Swingin` the boogie Listen

Daniel Gugolz
17 - Crawlin` with C.R. Listen
18 - Honey hill blues Listen
19 - Dedication to Henry Brown Listen
20 - Little barrelhouse Listen
21 - Old blues memories Listen

Genres: Blues Piano, Boogie-woogie Piano.
12 page, illustrated, booklet with notes written by Hans Maitner and Axel Zwingenberger.

The foundation for the classic boogie woogie piano style was layed in the 1920s by blues pianists such as Jimmy Bfythe, Jimmy Yancey and Pinetop Smith. A little later, boogie woogie reached its peak with Albert Amnions, Meade Lux Lewis, both from Chicago, and Pete Johnson from Kansas City. These three pianists possessed tremendous technical skills without ever losing their feeling for the blues. They made boogie woogie famous and have left us several recorded masterpieces. I have been fascinated and enthusiastic about this music ever since I first heard it 37 years ago. I am delighted that boogie woogie and piano blues are kept alive and well by many piano players. However, only few of them are capable of doing justice to the old masters. At the same time, the number of releases in this style has been increasing in recent years, and it is often difficult for the casual listener to evaluate their quality. This CD presents four contemporary blues and boogie woogie pianists who meet the highest standards of their art.

And who would be more able to judge their abilities in detail than the living, active idol for many young boogie woogie players. I am talking about Axel Zwingenberger, who has for almost 20 years been setting his own standards in keeping alive this style of music in an uncompromising way, and on a level which has not been reached since the times of Ammons, Lewis and Johnson. Together with his former colleagues from Hamburg, Vince Weber and the late Hans-Georg Moller, and Martin Pyrker from Vienna (who was already active back then), he has been responsible for a resurgence in popularity for piano bluess and boogie woogie - thus breaking ground for more new talent to be presented on record.

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