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The Dixon Brothers Vol 2 1937

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Dixon Brothers
Dorsey and Beatrice Dixon
Beatrice Dixon


Dixon Brothers
01 - Answer to maple on the hill - part 4
02 - Beautiful stars
03 - I will meet my precious mother
04 - Weaver`s life
05 - Darling do you miss me
06 - Little Bessie
07 - How can a broke man be happy
08 - The school house fire
09 - She tickles me
10 - Fisherman`s luck
11 - At twilight old pal of yesterday
12 - Call me pal of mine
13 - Blessed his promise
14 - The well of Jacob; Jesus said
15 - I won`t accept anything for my soul
16 - What can I give in exchange?
17 - What would you give in exchange? - part 5
18 - The girl I left in Danville
19 - Two little boys
20 - The lonely prisoner
21 - The old home brew

Dorsey and Beatrice Dixon
22 - Always waiting for you
23 - When Jesus appears

The second of four volumes, chronicling the recording career of one of country music’s most individualistic of the so-called “brother acts” which flourished in during the thirties. Dorsey and Howard Dixon hailed from South Carolina. Among their influences was Darby and Tarlton. Howard was awed by Jimmie’s skill in playing lap style slide on his National steel guitar. In turn the Dixon brother’s recordings influenced many others including Darby and Tarlton who recorded a cover of Weave Room Blues as The Weaver’s Blues. Their repertoire encompassed a mixture of blues, ballads, a handful of religious songs and even a few cowboy songs. On this volume Howard and Dorsey are joined by Dorsey’s wife Beatrice on the religious numbers including the outstanding Beautiful Stars. Frank Gerald stands in for two popular songs of the day celebrating “pals”, one of which, Call Me Back, was to be found in the repertoire of the black Atlanta-based songster Blind Willie McTell. The parlour ballad Two Little Boys probably dates back to the Napoleonic Wars. It was adapted by the Dixons to fit into the context of The American Civil War. Later it became a bluegrass standard and later still suffered the ignominy of being taken to the top of the British pop charts by the Wobble Board toting Rolf Harris. Street cred unhindered, the collection also benefits from the addition of two “demos”; Bless His Promise and The Well Of Jacob; Jesus Said which came from the private record collection of Wade Mainer (brother of J. E. Mainer; leader of The Crazy Mountaineers). Though their recording career was short, spanning only two years, their records sold well. As these four volumes demonstrate, the Dixon brothers were one of the finest country vocal / guitar duets to record. Includes informative booklet notes by Keith Briggs and detailed discography.
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