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The Skillet Lickers Vol 2 1927 - 1928

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Riley Puckett
Gid Tanner
Bob Nichols
Norris Fate
Lowe Stokes
Skillet Lickers
Clayton McMichen
Bert Layne


The Skillet-Lickers
01 - Drink 'em down
02 - The darktown strutters` ball
03 - A fiddlers` convention in Georgia - part 1
04 - A fiddlers` convention in Georgia - part 2
05 - Old Mcdonald had a farm
06 - Bile them cabbage down
07 - Big ball in town
08 - It`s a long way to Tipperary
09 - Buckin` mule
10 - Uncle Bud
11 - Johnson`s old grey mule
12 - Hen cackle
13 - Cumberland gap
14 - Cotton-eyed Joe
15 - Black eyed Susie
16 - Prettiest little girl in the county
17 - Slow buck
18 - Settin` in the chimney jamb
19 - Sal let me chaw your rosin
20 - Possum hunt on Stump House Mountain - part 1
21 - Possum hunt on Stump House Mountain - part 2
22 - Hog killing day - part 1
23 - Hog killing day - part 2

This is the second of six volumes featuring the complete recorded works of The Skillet Lickers. The 6 volume set covers some of the finest, and some of the rarest, hillbilly and string band recordings of what is often called the golden age of old-time music. The Skillet Lickers were also known for their sketches, some of which are included in Volume 2. "A Fiddlers' Convention in Georgia" was the first of several such descriptive novelties by Georgian musicians, the gang produces a varied menu of band music and solo specialities, with a greased pig chase for a bonus. "Hog Killing Day" continues the pig theme with Gid Tanner providing the commentary. "Possum Hunt On Stump House Mountain" involves the whole group to provide an impressive track complete with hunting horns, barking hounds and vigorous fiddle-band music. This volume also includes some wonderful fiddling on tracks such as "Cotton Eyed Joe", "Prettiest Little Girl In the County" and "Sal Let Me Chaw Your Rosin." Includes informative booklet notes by Tony Russell with bibliography and full discographical details.
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