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The Skillet Lickers Vol 4 1928 - 1930

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Skillet Lickers
Norris Fate
Lowe Stokes
Uncle Fuzz
Riley Puckett
Clayton McMichen
Hugh Cross
Bert Layne
Tom Dorsey
Gid Tanner


The Skillet-Lickers
01 - Rocky pallet
02 - Soldiers joy
03 - Rock that cradle Lucy
04 - There`ll be a hot time in the old town tonight
05 - Bonepart`s retreat
06 - Hell`s broke loose in Georgia
07 - Giddap Napoleon
08 - Cripple Creek
09 - Kickapoo medicine show - part 1
10 - Kickapoo medicine show - part 2
11 - A night in a blind tiger - part 1
12 - A night in a blind tiger - part 2
13 - A bee hunt on hill for Sartin Creek - part 1
14 - A bee hunt on hill for Sartin Creek - part 2
15 - Leather breeches
16 - New Arkansas traveller
17 - Sugar in the gourd
18 - Georgia wagner
19 - Sal`s gone to the cider mill
20 - Nigger in the woodpile
21 - Devlish Mary
22 - Soldier, will you marry me

This is the fourth of six volumes featuring the complete recorded works of The Skillet Lickers. The 6 volume set covers some of the finest, and some of the rarest, hillbilly and string band recordings of what is often called the golden age of old-time music. By October 1929 the Skillet Lickers were back in the studio to record more tunes and sketches for Columbia. Their sketches continued to depict scenes drawn from life. "A Night In A Blind Tiger" tells of the aftermath of a fiddlers' contest, the losers uniting in an illicit watering-hole to complain that Clayton McMichen shouldn't have won. By the end of the 1920s record sales were beginning to decline and this was reflected in the sales performance of the Skillet Lickers' hillbilly recordings. The group continued to produce fine string band tunes but times were hard and the whole music industry was starting to feel the pinch. Includes informative booklet notes by Tony Russell with bibliography and full discographical details.
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