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The Skillet Lickers Vol. 5 1930 -1934

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Skillet Lickers
Clayton McMichen
Riley Puckett
Gid Tanner
Lowe Stokes
Bert Layne
Norris Fate
Oscar Ford
Tom Dorsey
Gordon Tanner
Ted Hawkins


The Skillet-Lickers
01 - Taking the census - part 1 Listen
02 - Taking the census - part 2 Listen
03 - Jeremiah Hopkins` Store at sand mountain - part 1 Listen
04 - Jeremiah Hopkins` Store at sand mountain - part 2 Listen
05 - Ride old buck to water Listen
06 - Don`t you cry my honey Listen
07 - Cacklin` hen and rooster too Listen
08 - Ricketts hornpipe Listen
09 - Bully of the town no. 2 Listen
10 - Broken down gambler Listen
11 - Prohibition - yes or no - part 1 Listen
12 - Prohibition - yes or no - part 2 Listen
13 - Fiddlers` convention - part 3 Listen
14 - Fiddlers` convention - part 4 Listen
15 - Miss McLeods reel Listen
16 - Four cent cotton Listen
17 - Molly put the kettle on Listen
18 - Sleeping Lulu Listen
19 - McMichen`s breakdown Listen
20 - Whistlin` Rufus Listen
21 - Georgia waggoner Listen
22 - Mississippi Sawyer. Listen

This is the fifth of six volumes featuring the complete recorded works of The Skillet Lickers. The 6 volume set covers some of the finest, and some of the rarest, hillbilly and string band recordings of what is often called the golden age of old-time music. Four years after making their first recordings the Skillet Lickers returned to the studios in Atlanta to record once more. Over the years they had garnered as many sales with their comic sketches as they had with their purely musical recordings, quite a unique feat. This CD kicks off with more sketches, "Taking The Census" and "Jeremiah Hopkins' Store At Sand". Both of these sold reasonably well and during the slump experienced by the record companies the sketches continued to sell better than the musical recordings. In October 1931 the Skillet Lickers gathered for the last time to record six breakdowns which included one of their finest recordings, "Molly Put The Kettle On". The combination of sliding sales figures and musical incompatibility brought the original line up of the Skillet Lickers to an end as the members went off to pursue their preferred musical interests. Somewhere along the way the name "Skillet Lickers" had not been protected by Copyright and in 1934 the name came to prominence once more but this time with Riley Puckett, Gid Tanner, Gid's son Gordon on fiddle and mandolin player Ted Hawkins making up the band. Includes informative booklet notes by Tony Russell with bibliography and full discographical details.

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