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The Skillet Lickers Vol. 6 1934

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Skillet Lickers
Gid Tanner
Gordon Tanner
Ted Hawkins
Riley Puckett
Dan Hornsby


The Skillet-Lickers
01 - Back up and push Listen
02 - Rufus Listen
03 - Cumberland gap on a buckin` mule Listen
04 - Hawkins` rag Listen
05 - Skillet Licker breakdown Listen
06 - Cotton patch Listen
07 - Ida Red Listen
08 - Down yonder Listen
09 - Git along Listen
10 - Whoa, mule, whoa Listen
11 - Tra-le-la-la Listen
12 - Keep your gal at home Listen
13 - Hinkey-dinkey-dee Listen
14 - I ain`t no better now Listen
15 - Tanner`s rag Listen
16 - Tanner`s hornpipe Listen
17 - Soldier`s joy Listen
18 - Flop-eared mule Listen
19 - Prosperity and politics - part 1 Listen
20 - Prosperity and politics - part 2 Listen
21 - Practice night with the Skillet Lickers - part 1 Listen
22 - Practice night with the Skillet Lickers - part 2. Listen

The final volume of the Skillet Lickers 6 volume set covers some of the finest, and some of the rarest, hillbilly and string band recordings of what is often called the golden age of old-time music. By 1934 the music industry was starting to recover and the Skillet Lickers were approached to go back into the studio for the Bluebird label but they returned under the new line-up of Riley Puckett, Gid Tanner, Gid's son Gordon on fiddle and mandolin player Ted Hawkins. It was a highly productive session resulting in the 22 sides featured on this CD together plus sides two sides featured in DOCD-8060. One of the most successful couplings from this session was "Down Yonder" / "Back Up And Push" which remained in the Bluebird catalogue for the rest of the label's life. Quite a few of the tunes the band recorded has old Skillet Licker associations, but were delivered in less artful settings. What is lost by the absence of two fiddlers is made up for by Ted Hawkins' mandolin which imparts a sparkle perhaps not detected in the earlier recordings. "Practice Night With The Skillet Lickers" rounds off the series and is more a medley of tracks that the group did not otherwise record. It closes appropriately with "Show Me The Way To Go Home", Gid went home to his chicken farm, Riley spent several years work on radio and records and Gordon became a fiddle-maker. Includes informative booklet notes by Tony Russell with bibliography and full discographical details.

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