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Narmour and Smith Vol.1 Complete Recorded Works (1928-1930)

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Willie Thomas Narmour
Narmour & Smith

01 - Captain George, has your money come ? Listen
02 - Whistling Coon Listen
03 - The Sunny Waltz Listen
04 - Who's been giving you corn ? Listen
05 - Heel and Toe Listen
06 - Little Star Listen
07 - Charleston No.1 Listen
08 - Kiss Me Waltz Listen
09 - Gallop to Georgia Listen
10 - Midnight Waltz Listen
11 - Carroll County Blues Listen
12 - Someone I love Listen
13 - Charleston No.2 Listen
14 - Carroll County Blues No.2 Listen
15 - Avalon Blues Listen
16 - Winona Echoes Listen
17 - Dry Gin Rag Listen
18 - Mississippi Waves Waltz Listen
19 - Sweet Milk and Peaches Listen
20 - Rose Waltz Listen
21 - Take me as I am Listen
22 - Texas Breakdown Listen
23 - Limber Neck Blues Listen
24 - Jake Leg Rag Listen

William Thomas Narmour, fiddle.
Shellie Walton Smith, guitar.

Genres: Old Timey, String Band, Mississippi country fiddle.

Informative booklet notes by Harry Bolick.
Detailed discography.

Polk Brockman of Okeh records discovered Narmour and Smith at the Winona fiddle contest organized by Doc Bailey in 1927. Their recording, �Carroll County Blues,� with �Charleston #1� as a B-side, was �one of the biggest selling records of 1929,� according to Talking Machine World, a recording industry trade paper. �Someone I Love� was nearly as well received. Their popularity continued even as the recording industry began to suffer during the Depression. Along with the Ray Brothers, they were the last of the Mississippi fiddle bands to record in that period.


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