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Banjo Ikey Robinson 1929 - 1937

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'Banjo' Ikey Robinson
Hokum Trio
Pods of Pepper
Sloke and Ike


'Banjo' Ikey Robinson
01 - Got butter on it Listen
02 - Ready hokum Listen
03 - Pizen tea blues Listen
04 - Rock pile blues Listen
05 - You`ve had your way Listen
06 - Without a dime Listen

Hokum Trio
07 - I`m havin` my fun (take 1) Listen
08 - I`m havin` my fun (take 3) Listen
09 - You`ve had your way Listen
10 - He wouldn`t stop doing it (take 1) Listen
11 - He wouldn`t stop doing it (take 3) Listen
12 - You`re bound to look like a monkey Listen

Pods of Pepper
13 - You`ve had your way Listen
14 - Get off stuff Listen
15 - Gee I hate to loose that girl Listen
16 - I was a good loser until I lost you Listen

'Banjo' Ikey Robinson
17 - Scrunch-lo Listen
18 - Sunshine Listen
19 - A minor stomp Listen
20 - Swing it Listen

Sloke and Ike
21 - Say pretty mama Listen
22 - Slocum blues Listen
23 - Raggedy but right Listen
24 - Chocolate candy blues Listen

DOCD-1508-2 Banjo lkey Robinson 1929 1937 Recordings

Ikey Robinson, vocal, banjo, guitar, clarinet,

Includes: Jabbo Smith cornet; Jimmy Flowers, piano; Charlie Slocum, vocal (Sloke and Ike), Mike McKendrick, guitar, Tressie Mitchell, vocal; Alex Hill, vocal, piano; and others...

Genres: Jazz, Blues.

Informative booklet notes by Jim Williams.
Detailed discography.

Banjo lkey Robinson played honest music. No tricks. No scams. No pretences. His work on banjo, guitar and a bit of clarinet-playing with his Windy City Five provides evidence of a journeyman player making happy, good-time, energetic and delightfully listenable music.

On this CD lkey demonstrates his single-string solo prowess as he splits a chorus with clarinettist Omer Simeon on the up-tempo Got Butter On lt. Then he provides solid rhythm section work on the rollicking Ready Hokum. And of course, there is the trumpet fire of Jabbo Smith to enjoy as well. Throughout these lively sides Robinson is comfortable either as a soloist or as a rhythm section man, the hallmark of jazz playing competence.

lf you hunger for a screaming kazoo, stomping banjo, piano and some unique Ikey Robinson vocal and scat frivolity, the Pods of Pepper sides, with lkey leading the festivities, are a banquet.

The final Sloke and lke numbers verify Robinson's guitar mastery in a blues setting with Charlie Slocum. These performances document that Mr. Robinson was a masterful performer whether the format was jazz or blues, both as an instrumentalist or as a vocalist.

NOTE: 2 titles by Banjo Ikey Robinson with vocals by Frankie Jaxon on can be found on Document DOCD-5258.

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