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Teddy Bunn 1929 - 1940

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Fat Hayden
Buck Franklin
Teddy Bunn


Teddy Bunn and Spencer Williams
01 - The chicken and the worm Listen
02 - It`s sweet like so Listen
03 - Pattin` dat cat Listen
04 - Tampa twirl Listen
05 - Goose and gander Listen
06 - The new goose and gander Listen
07 - Clean it out Listen
08 - Blow it up Listen

Buck Franklin
09 - Crooked world blues Listen

Mez Mezzrowand His Orchestra
10 - Swingin' For Mezz (Careless love) (take 2) Listen

Mezzrow - Ladnier Quintet
11 - Royal garden blues (take 2) Listen
12 - Everybody loves my baby (take 2) Listen
13 - I ain`t gonna give nobody none of my jelly roll (take 2) Listen
14 - If you see me comin` (take 2) Listen
15 - Gettin` together (take 1) Listen

Fat Hayden
16 - Brownskin gal is the best gal after all Listen
17 - Voo doo blues Listen

Teddy Bunn
18 - King Porter stomp Listen
19 - Bachelor blues Listen
20 - Blues without words (take a) Listen
21 - Blues without words (take b) Listen
22 - Guitar in high Listen

Walter Pichon
23 - Doggin` that thing Listen
24 - Yo yo Listen

Document JPCD-1509-2 Teddy Bunn (1929 - 1940)
Teddy Bunn, vocal, guitar.
Includes:Spencer Williams, vocal; James P. Johnson, piano; Buck Franklin, vocal; Mezz Mezzrow, clarinet,Tommy Ladnier, trumpet; Sidney De Paris, trumpet; Pops Foster, stand-up bass; Fat Hayden, vocal; Sam Price, piano; Walter Pichon, vocal, piano; Henry "Red" Allen.
Genres: Jazz, Jazz Guitar.
Booklet notes by Ken Romanowski
Detailed discography.
Born in the Long Island suburb Freeport, New York in 1909, Theodore Leroy Bunn was already surrounded by music, as both parents played keyboard instruments and his brother was a violinist.
His first professional experience was as an accompanist to a calypso singer, but by the time he was 20 he was recording with the biggest names in the jazz field.
His earliest appearance on record seems to have been the two tracks accompanying Walter Pichon included on this CD, immediately followed that same day by four tracks with Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra where Bunn substituted on guitar for Fred Guy, Ellington's regular banjoist.
In late 1929 Bunn recorded with the Six Jolly Jesters (a small Ellington group), and James P. Johnson's orchestra with King Oliver and Fats Waller. Bunn continued to freelance throughout the 30's recording with such jazz greats as Johnny Dodds, Jimmie Noone and J.C. Higgenbotham, blues singers Georgia White, Cow Cow Davenport, Trixie Smith and Johnny Temple, but is probably best remembered as a member of the Spirits of Rhythm. Six of the tracks included here come from his work with this band. They are delightful examples of a style already a decade out of vogue, but whose players continued to exhibit remarkable empathy in their performances, including several fine swinging guitar solos and a wonderfully understated vocal by Bunn on If You See Me Comin".
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