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Jimmy Blythe 1924 - 1931

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Jimmy Blythe
Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards
Midnight Rounders
Birmingham Bluetette
Viola Bartlette
Alexander Robinson


Jimmy Blythe
01 - Chicago stomp (piano solo) Listen
02 - Armour Ave. struggle (piano solo) Listen
03 - Fat meat and greens (piano solo) Listen
04 - Jimmie blues (piano solo) Listen

Viola Bartlette
05 - Anna Mina Forty and St. Louis Shorty Listen
06 - Quit knocking on my door (take 1) Listen

Blythe's Sinful Five
07 - Pump Tillie Listen

Viola Bartlette
08 - Shake that thing Listen

Jimmy Blythe
09 - Lovin`s been here and gone to the Mecca flat (piano solo) Listen
10 - Mr. Freddie blues (piano solo) Listen

Birmingham Bluetette
11 - Old man blues Listen

Alexander Robinson
12 - My baby Listen
13 - You`re not the kind I thought you were Listen
14 - My senorita Listen

Jimmy Blythe
15 - Alley rat (piano solo) Listen
16 - Sweet papa (piano solo) Listen

The Midnight Rounders
17 - Shake your shimmy Listen
18 - Bull fiddle rag Listen

Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards
19 - Isabella Listen
20 - I won`t give you none Listen

Jimmy Blythe and Charlie Clark (piano duet)
21 - Bow to your papa Listen
22 - Don`t break down Listen

Note: Blythe`s State Street Ramblers are on Document JPCD-1512 and 1513. His duets with Lonnie Johnson are on Document DOCD-5065. For piano duets with Buddy Burton see Document JPCD-1511.
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