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Blind Willie McTell Vol 1:

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01 - Side 1 - track 1. Writin' Paper Blues Listen
02 - track 2. Stole Rider Blues Listen
03 - track 3. Mama, Tain't Long Fo' Day Listen
04 - track 4. Mr. McTell Got The Blues (take 1) Listen
05 - track 5. Mr. McTell Got The Blues (take 2) Listen
06 - track 6. Three Women Blues Listen
07 - tracl 7. Dark Night Blues Listen
08 - track 8. Statesboro Blues Listen
09 - Side 2 - Track 1. Loving Talking Blues Listen
10 - Track 2. Atlanta Strut Listen
11 - Track 3. Travelin' Blues Listen
12 - Track 4. Come On Around To My House Mama Listen
13 - Track 5. Kind Mama Listen
14 - Track 6. Drive Away Blues Listen
15 - Track 7. Love Changing Blues Listen


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Blind Willie McTell Vol 1 - Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order (October 18th 1927 - October 23rd 1931) Vinyl LP.
Catalogue number: TMR155
Third Man Records
Vocal, twelve-string guitar.
Genres: Vintage Country Blues - Georgia Blues – Country Blues Guitar -12-String Guitar – Bottleneck-slide-guitar, Ragtime Guitar.
New sound restoration by Gary Atkinson.
Sleeve Notes by "Sir" Mick Middles.
Includes detailed discography.

Using rare recordings from the vast Document Records catalogue, Third Man kicks off its new series of vinyl albums, featuring the best in vintage blues, with the King of the Georgia bluesmen, Blind Willie McTell

"...and no one can sing the blues like Blind Willie McTell."

So sang Bob Dylan, on his 1983 song, "Blind Willie McTell", thereby illuminating a legend that had retained an enigmatic ghostlike presence in the shadows of blues history since the middle of the twentieth century.
Dylan's tribute acted as a necessary corrective by focusing on the unique nature of McTell's style and delivery. It is hoped that this new collection will further the same cause, for McTell's influence has, if anything, gathered pace and power as the decades have passed. Although McTell's prolific recording career never produced a bona fide "hit record", it was the fluid syncopation of his finger style guitar technique and Piedmont and ragtime vocals – his laid back tenor separating him from many of his peers that gave him his unique appeal.
Throughout the decades, the "ghost" of his influence has become increasingly active, although most obviously in a plethora of cover versions from a disparate spread of grateful artists such as Taj Mahall, The Allman Brothers Band, The White Stripes and even his unlikely namesake, the British folk legend Ralph McTell.

Each recording, taken from the Document vaults, has been revisited and painstakingly sound restored whilst taking great care to preserve the integrity of original the recordings found on these incredibly rare and historic items. Many being "only known" copies to have survived.

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