Document Records - Vintage Blues and Jazz

Distributors Required

Would you like to offer your customers CDs from the world`s largest catalogue of rare, vintage blues, jazz, gospel and country recordings? * No minimum orders. * Select from nearly 900 titles. * Hundreds of major recording artists. * Each CD contains Informative Booklet notes by leading writers. Detailed discography. * Web Site support * 127 page A4 printed catalogue in full colour, presented in PVC ring binder "These CDs are what the blues are all about... the music. We can think about the Blues, write about them and talk about them, but ultimately we all need to listen to them" Bill Wyman Bill Wyman`s Blues Odyssey Document DOCD-32-20-2 Bill Wyman`s "Rhythm Kings` Roots" Coming Soon! (Document DOCD 32-20-6) "One of the best and most prolific music companies out there" Document Records is seeking distributors in territories throughout the world*. If you would like to consider adding one of the most respected and forward moving independent labels to your catalogue then contact us; Email; Telephone; +44 (0)1988 403200 Fax; +44 (0) 1988 402333 *Excluding U.S.A, Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Australia.



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