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Boll Weevil Here, Boll Weevil Everywhere

Boll Weevil Here, Boll Weevil Everywhere
Field Recordings Vol. 16
Alabama • Louisiana • Arkansas • Texas (1934–1940) Various Artists DOCD-5675
CHARLES GRIFFIN; Boll Weavil Rag / ANNIE BREWER; Roosevelt Blues / RICHARD AMERSON; Boll Weevil / VERA HALL; Boll Weevil / RICHARD AMERSON; Boll Weevil / OAKDALECARRIÈRE; O chere ’tite fille / WILSON JONES (STAVIN’ CHAIN); Can’t Put On My Shoes - Stavin’ Chain - Batson, Batson - When I First Got Ready For The War / ELLIS EVANS & JIMMY LEWIS; When I Leave You Baby - Cajun Negro Fais Do Dos Tune / ERNEST ROGERS; Baby Low Down, Oh, Oh Low Down Dirty Dog / SEVEN BOYS WITH HOME-MADE INSTRUMENTS; (Don’t) The Moon Looks Pretty / UNIDENTIFIED; Announcement re Seven Boys / SEVEN BOYS WITH HOME-MADE INSTRUMENTS; How Long Blues / WILLIE GEORGE ALBERTINE KING; Monologue On Early Life - Nothing In The Jungle Any Badder’n Me - Boll Weevil - Like A Winter Needs The Sunshine / IRVIN “GAR MOUTH” LOWRY; Boll Weevil / ALF (CHICKEN DAD) VALENTINE; Boll Weevil Song / FINOUS (FLAT FOOT) ROCKMORE; Monologue On Coley Jones And Others - Ella Speed - Monologue On His Life
More remarkable recordings collected by John A Lomax and others for the Library of Congress including an appearance by Vera Hall who featured on Moby’s top selling album “Play”. The majority of these informal recordings of blues, ballads and cajun music were made on plantations and prisons of the deep south in a time gone by when river boats, cotton pickers and dusty roads were still parts of everyday life. A plantation post office is used as one recording venue because it was one of the few buildings in the area with electricity. They reveal a fascinating slice of Afro-American social and musical history. These recordings have previously been unreleased and appear here for the first time in over seventy years. They are unavailable elsewhere. This CD Comes with extensive, illustrive and informative booklet notes plus detailed discography.
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