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Cross Rhythms review of What Is The Soul Of Man

Here is a review from Cross Rhythms for the single What Is The Soul Of Man Remix by Cherry Sheriff:

The utterly unexpected exposure of this gem in a frequently seen Alfa Romeo TV commercial (you know the one, where people on the street suddenly engage in slow motion turns and leaps as the car glides by) now results in this wonderfully left field single release (available now at your local HMV). Purists may object to the good sister's 1944 recording being doctored by remixer Cherry Sheriff but in fact Cherry's addition of a bit of electronic percussion adds to the drive of the song while if you prefer the track unadorned, track three here offers the gospel crossover pioneer in her original glory. On either version Rosetta's delightfully rhythmic guitar is utterly infectious. Wouldn't it be amazing if a 1944 gospel recording ends up in 2006's pop charts? But whether it does or doesn't, if you enjoyed the car commercial, you'll LOVE this.

Thanks to reviewer Tony Cummings

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