Document Records - Vintage Blues and Jazz


A small cache of 1970/71 issues of this fine and limited edition magazine has come to light. Blues World published 12 issues in 1970 (B.W. 26-37), then a record for a magazine totaly devoted to the blues. Editions of this (long out of print) journal belong to it`s editor, blues historion and writer Bob Groom; author of The Blues Revival.
B.W. 27 is no longer available and there are only a few copies of B.W. 26, 28 and 29 left. There are varying quantities of B.W. 30 t0 40, mostly 20 or less. So, order these rare copies of blues journal history now.
Copies of this excellent magazine, with fascinating reference material, are now available, in mint cindition, for sale at the following rates;
U.K. £2.50 per copy (post paid) Europe £3.00 per copy (post paid surface mail)
Overseas £3.50 per copy (post paid surface mail

SPECIAL OFFER: 12 issues (No.`s 30-41). Only 12 sets available.

U.K. £25.00 per set (post paid)
Europe £30.00 per set (post paid)
Overseas £35.00 per set (post paid)

First come, first served!

Please send cheques or money orders, in sterling (British currency) made payable to Bob Groom to BLUES WORLD OFFER c/o 22 Manor Crescent, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8DL, U.K.

Please note that this magazine is no longer published, therefore subscriptions are not available.



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