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Jug Bands

Wikipedia page about Jug Bands
A jug band is a band employing a jug player and other traditional and homemade instruments...

Cannon`s Jug Stompers
The history of Gus Cannon, Ashley Thomson and Noah Lewis.

Memphis Jug Band
The Memphis Jug Band was the most recorded (over 100 sides between 1927 and 1934) and one of the most popular of the jug bands...

Jug Band Music Society
Taking Jug Band music to the next millennium... Old Time


Old Time Music Home Page
A well organised site full of content.

Old Time Music on the Web
Some WWW references for Anglo-American traditional `old time` music.

Old Time Victrola Music
Wouldn`t it be nice to enjoy listening to tunes that everyone was so excited about in the early 1900s ? Well now you can...

Old-Time Music
Well organised site with loads of links.

Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music Listen to Old Time music on 78`s
This site contains 701 recordings of 78 rpm records in Realaudio format.

Hetzler`s Fakebook-Old Time Tunes Key of D


Wikipedia page about Ragtime
Ragtime is a dance form written in 2/4 or 4/4 time, and utilizing a walking bass, that is, the bass note played legato on the 1-3 beats with a staccato chord played on the 2-4 beats....

Mississippi State University
Digitized sheet music collection

Ragtime Press Midi Music Archive Home of the Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival

Ragtime Midi Files by Warren Trachtman
Scott Joplin, James Scott, Joseph Lamb, Jelly-Roll Morton, Eubie Blake, and others.

Ragtime Music
Welcome to Colin D. MacDonald`s Ragtime - March - Waltz Web Site

Bill Edwards Ragtime Resources and articles Extensive links

Bill Edwards Ragtime Resources and articles
Extensive links Spirituals

Wikipedia page about Spiritual Music Negro Spirituals
History of Negro Spirituals and other information. Train Songs

Wikipedia page about the Hobo

Train Music History Strange but true this site caters for the blues lover to the genuine Train Spotter. Videos of Trains, Train Guides. Everything about Trains.

Hobo Links
This site is dedicated to the American icon of a hobo...

Hobo history
Papa Clay oral history. Vintage Country

The Magazine of Folk and World Music Folk Music
comprehensive source for folk and acoustic music resources on the World Wide Web.

Zany but informative site.

Vintage Country Music
A well presented personal home page with good links.

Vintage Recordings
Ragtime-Jazz-Vaudeville-Country-Blues-Comic Songs.



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