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Document Records have 4 Georgia White CDs in it's back catalogue. If you wish to buy the Georgia White CDs please click the links below.

Georgia White Volume 1

Georgia White Volume 2

Georgia White Volume 3

This CD contains the track Alley Boogie which was used as the theme tune for the BBC1 romantic sit-com Love Soup.

Georgia White Volume 4

Georgia White was born on March 9th, 1903 in Sandersville (Washington County) a town just west of Macon, Georgia. During the early 1920s she moved to Chicago and worked at the Apex Club with Jimmy Noone's Orchestra. Only one title exsists from this period, "When You're Smiling", which was first recorded by Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra in 1929, although White's version was recorded at a

faster tempo. Between 1933 and 1941 she produced ninety five sides, she had a strong contralto voice, which was capable of singing the urban blues as well as the more sophisticated popular material and because of this Decca promoted her as "The world's greatest blues singer". Her blues repertoire would take in such urban themes as prostitution, lesbianism or similar subject matter, stated without comment or criticism.

She worked in local clubs throughout the 30s and returned to the studio in March 1935 to record for Decca. These were recorded under her maiden name 'Lawson' but we know that she was married, as Big Bill Broonzy lamented in the book 'Honkers and Shouters', "...there was no way of getting to her because her husband was always around". She went on to work with Big Bill's band in 1949-50 before going on to form her own all woman band in 1950, playing in a small town club just east of Chicago. Georgia White's last known public performance was in 1959, after which she retired from the music business.

It is thought that she died in 1980.

The Georgia White song 'Alley Boogie' (Georgia White Volume 3 DOCD-5303; originally recorded by Lucille Bogan, BDCD-6037) was recently used as the soundtrack for the BBC1 romantic sit-com Love Soup.



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