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Field Recordings Vol 6 Texas 1933 - 1958
NOTE: For more Texas field recordings see Document DOCD-5231.

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Field Recordings Vol 10 / 11 1933 - 1941
DOCD-5600 Field Recordings Vols. 10 & 11 (1933-1941) Interviews conducted by John Henry Faulk for the Library of Congress of Ex Slaves; Laura Smalley and Harriet Smith in Texas, 1941. Includes spoken word and songs. Also includes recordings made for the Library of Congress of songs by: Washington (“Lightnin’”), vocal; accompanied by convict group. (Texas, 1933) Lester Powell, vocal. (Texas, 1940) John Handcock, vocal. (Washington, D.C. 1937) Genres: Afro-American aural history, slavery, Blues, Songster, Folk. Informative booklet notes by Professor Steve Tracy. Detailed discography. The recordings that make up the bulk of these two CDs feature material that belongs to a genre that provided some of the most significant examinations of and challenges to the hypocrisy of the notion of an existing wholly democratic America, the slave narrative. Continued...

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