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Sylvester Weaver Vol 1 1923 - 1927

Sylvester Weaver Vol. 1 (1923-1927)

Sylvester Weaver, vocal, guitar, bottleneck-slide guitar, banjo.

With contributions by:
Sara Martin, vocal.
E.L Coleman, violin.
Charles Washington, banjo.
Harry B Withers, vocal

Genres: Country Blues, Country Blues Guitar, Bottleneck-slide Guitar, Louisville Blues.

Informative booklet notes by Kieth Briggs
Detailed discography.

The term 'Guitar Hero' only came into vogue during the nineteen sixties and was used to describe blues guitarists or pop guitarists with a blues oriented style. Although blues have been played on, and accompanied by, a variety of instruments their relationship with the guitar has been pre-eminent in the mind of the general public since the nineteen twenties. From Lemon Jefferson and Lonnie Johnson through Robert Johnson to Elmore James and B. B. King the list of influential blues guitarists is a long one; it begins with Sylvester Weaver the first guitar hero! Continued...

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Clarence Williams & The Blues Singers Vol 1 1923 - 1928

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