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Fletcher Henderson & The Blues Singers Vol 1 1921 - 1923

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Female Blues The Remaining Titles 1922 - 1927
The early foundations of blues recording were built on what became known as the Classic Blues. The performers were usually professional female singers who toured the vaudeville theatre circuit. Their repertoire took in the popular songs of the early 1900s and continued through the 1920s. This included popular love songs, songs from musical shows and, the blues. Their accompaniments would be provided by a pianist or on rare occasions a guitarist but more often than not it would be a hot jazz band. Following the first successful recording of a blues record, taking place in 1920 by Mamie Smith, many such artists were lucky enough to record either by chance or by popular demand. Some were or became stars, others only shone for a moment before disappearing back into the darkness of obscurity. Includes informative booklet notes by Steve Tracy and detailed discography.

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