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Black American Choirs 1926 - 1931
DOCD-5566 Negro Choirs 1926 – 1931 Genres; Gospel, Spirituals Informative booklet notes by Duck Baker. Detailed discography. This release affords a fascinating glimpse of various ways that African-Americans were approaching choral singing in the 1920’s. By the time of these recordings, the singing of the old spirituals had been a hotly contested topic for years. Many of the first generation of free-born blacks felt the old songs to be shameful relics of bondage. Another camp took their cue from Anton Dvorak’s famous pronouncement that any truly American art music would have to be based on the spirituals. This point of view was a driving force in the lives of many black Americans, from Fisk University figures like the Work family and Mr. and Mrs. James Myers to concert performers like Harry Burleigh to renaissance men like James Weldon Johnson. Continued...

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1940s Vocal Groups Vol 2 1940 - 1945

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God Don`t Like It - Document Shortcuts Vol 1 Blues Sampler
Maybe you already know something about Document, maybe (to use a music biz term) you are just “scratching the surface”. Either way, here is a clip, a snippet, an appetizer made up from tracks found within the catalogue. You don’t have to be a collector, worrying about matrix numbers or what colour socks such and such an artist was wearing during his 1953 recording of his big hit “I’m Really Happy Blues”, to appreciate the Shortcuts albums. This music was never recorded to be analysed, it was just for people to dig it, savour it, perhaps to hear it’s message, more than likely dance to it.

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