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Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom 1930 - 1934

 Kansas City Kitty was a name used by a woman or women who made records with Georgia Tom Dorsey during the early ’30s. About 60 years later, Document released a collection of 16 Vocalions recorded in March 1931 and four sides cut for Bluebird in November 1934, on which someone operated a kazoo so skillfully that it sounded at times like a cornet. This stash does not include “Do It Some More” or “Knife Man Blues,” which were the last Vocalions released under the name of Kansas City Kitty (see DOCD-5150 'Too Late Too Late Blues 1926 - 1944'). During the 1990s the producers at Document often transferred scratchy 78s directly to compact disc with no noise reduction whatsoever. Some of the tracks on this collection carry enough surface noise to replicate the historic 78-rpm playback experience. As for the music, this is typical of Georgia Tom Dorsey’s blues output, which coexisted with the works of his “other self,” the legendary gospel composer and performer Thomas A. Dorsey. Continued...

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Blues, Blues Christmas 1925 - 1955

Various artists
Double album with full colour 20 page booklet by Jeff Harris. 
Detailed discography
The idea of Christmas themed blues and gospel numbers stretches back to the very dawn of the recorded genres. “Hooray for Christmas” exclaims Bessie Smith to kick off her soon to be classic “At The Christmas Ball”, which inaugurated the Christmas blues tradition when it was recorded in November 1925 for Columbia. A year later, circa December 1926, the gospel Christmas tradition was launched when the Elkins-Payne Jubilee Singers recorded “Silent Night, Holy Night” for Paramount Records. After these recordings it was off to the races with numerous Christmas blues numbers recorded by singers of all stripes, a pace that continued as blues evolved into R&B and then rock and roll. Continued...

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Too Late Too Late Blues 1926 - 1944
DOCD-5150 Too Late Too Late Blues 1926 - 1944 Alternative takes and rare, late, discoveries. Various. The first Document CD appeared in 1990 with DOCD-5001 “Tommy Johnson”. Three years and 150 releases later the first volume of the “Too Late, Too Late” albums appeared. The unprecedented unleashing of such a fast growing bulk of blues and gospel recordings in such a “completist” fashion inspired both fans of the music and collectors alike. Once that the great river of releases had been flowing for a while collectors began to think again about what might be hidden in the corners of their collections or had until then been regarded of no real significance. In addition there were recent and continue to be, rare finds. A Big Bill Broonzy 78 had just recently been found, having been picked up in a lot that was saved from the street where it had been left for disposal. Then there was the box of Paramount tests that had been found several years ago which were made available. Collectors also began to revisit their records with more attention being paid to the recordings themselves and on many occasions found that takes that appeared on their records were not the takes that had thus far been re-issued.

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