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Leake County Revelers Vol 1 1927 - 1928

DOCD-8029 Leake Country Revellers Vol. 1 1927 � 1928) Leak County Revellers: Will Gilmer, vocal, fiddle; R.O. Mosley, mandolin; Jim Wolverton, banjo; Dallas Jones, guitar. Genres: Old Timey, Vintage country music, Country fiddle, Country string band. Informative booklet note by Tony Russell. Detailed discography. Abridged from DOCD-8029 booklet notes. The most famous string band in Mississippi in the '20s might just as accurately have called itself by another name. Two of its members lived in Sebastopol, the town where the four men first teamed up - and Sebastopol lies in Scott County. But only a walk from the Leake County line. The ensemble sound of the Leake County Revelers is highly distinctive. With fiddle and mandolin as joint lead voices and the guitar's rhythmic role somewhat understated, the music is light, cool and airy. It feels more old-fashioned than the hot, hard-driving stuff of contemporaries like the Skillet-Lickers (Document DOCD-8056 to DOCD-806) and is often closer in spirit to South-western bands like the East Texas Serenaders (Document DOCD-8031) or Taylor-Grigg's Louisiana Melody Makers, or even the African-American Dallas String Band (Document DOCD-5161).

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Leake County Revelers Vol 2 1929 - 1930

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