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Memphis Gospel 1927 - 1929

Rev. Sister Mary M. Nelson, vocal.
Lonnie McIntorsh, vocal, guitar.
Rev. Johnny Blakey, sermons.
Bessie Johnson, vocal.
Memphis Sanctified Singers, vocal, with Will Shade, guitar.

Booklet Notes written by Ray Funk & Mason Damrau.
Detailed discography.

Memphis may be better known for the blues or Sun Records but it has been equally important as a centre for black gospel music. The quartet scene with groups like the Spirit of Memphis, the Southern Wonders and Sunset Travelers has been documented in Kip Lornell's book, Happy in the Service of the Lord: Afro-American Gospel Quartets in Memphis. Two of the greatest gospel songwriters, Lucie B. Campbell and Rev. W. H. Brewster, both called Memphis their home. Equally important is the fact that Memphis was the place where the most important of all the holiness denominations, the Church of God in Christ, was founded and is still based with annual conventions every fall. It was 1895 when Bishop Charles Mason founded the Church and, in its flock, many of the great gospel singers have flourished from Ernestine Washington to contemporary groups like the Clark Sisters. Continued...

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