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Storefront & Streetcorner Gospel 1927 - 1929: Denomination Blues

Washington Phillips, vocal, dulceola.
A.C. Forehand, vocal, harmonica, guitar.
Blind Mamie Forehand, vocal, finger cymbals.
Luther Magby, vocal with unknown organ; unknown tambourine.

Genre; Gospel.

Informative booklet notes by Guido van Rijn.
Detailed discography.

From this album's booklet notes:
In 1983 Lynn Abbott discovered a photograph and a drawing of Washington Phillips. The photo is the size of a postage stamp and was found in an issue of the Louisiana Weekly, dated a week before the release of Phillips' first 78. The photo shows Phillips holding two stringed instruments. It has become clear that Phillips experimented with various homemade instruments. However, none of the above informants saw him play in the recording studio. The Columbia executive who gave Paul Oliver the name "dulceola" did. Continued...

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