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J.T. 'Funny Paper' Smith (The Howling Wolf) - Complete Issued Titles (1930-1931)

J.T. "Funny Paper" Smith (The Holing Wolf) vocal, guitar.
With contributions by: Magnolia Harris, vocal duet; accompanied Howling Smith (J.T. Smith), guitar.
Dessa Foster, Howling Smith, vocal duet; accompanied Howling Smith (J.T. Smith), guitar.
Genres: Texas Country Blues, Country Blues Guitar.
Informative booklet notes by Teddy Doering.
Detailed discography.
There are quite a few blues singers/guitarists from Texas who made records in the late 1920s and in the 1930s. What is it that makes "Funny Paper" Smith rank among the outstanding blues artists of his time? In my opinion, it is not so much his singing, nor his guitar playing. His guitar was often out of tune, and most of the time he accompanied his singing with simple chords. The one thing, however, that was his trademark and in which he was superior to most other blues singers, were his lyrics. We must consider him one of the great "blues poets" (men like Lightnin' Hopkins or Sonny Boy Williamson II [Rice Miller] also come to mind). Most of Smith's songs consist of absolutely original lyrics that had never been recorded by any other blues singer. Smith was so full of ideas that he had to pack his verse in the two sides of a record. He just couldn't confine himself to the three-minute-limitation of a 78 record. Continued...

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