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Robert Nighthawk - 'Prowling with the Nighthawk' (1937 - 1952)

Informative 12 page booklet notes by Jeff Harris.
Detailed discography.

Robert "Nighthawk" Lee McCoy, vocal, guitar.

Includes contributions by;
Sonny Boy (John Lee) Williamson, harmonica.
Big Joe Williams, guitar.
Walter Davis, piano.
Speckled Red, piano.
Willie Dixon, bass.
Ernest Lane, piano.
Pinetop Perkins, piano.
Ransom Knowling, bass.
And others

Genres; Chicago blues, blues slide guitar, blues piano.
Informative booklet notes by Jeff Harris.
Detailed discography.

Robert Nighthawk was one of the blues premier slide guitarists playing with a subtle elegance and a fluid, crystal clear style that was instantly recognizable. Nighthawk influenced a generation of artists including Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Earl Hooker and Elmore James.

Robert Nighthawk was born Robert Lee McCollum in Helena, Arkansas on November 30th, 1909 and raised in a farming community. Nighthawk came from a musical family as he relates in a 1964 interview:

"Well, all my people played music. Mother and Dad and sister and brother and all. My brother played guitar. My brother helped me in all kinds of ways. (My family)...mostly played dances, parties, picnics and all that."

In many ways Nighthawk went onto become the archetype of the classic bluesman, spending his entire adult life rambling all over the South with frequent trips to the North playing a never ending string of one-nighters punctuated by sporadic recording dates. Nighthawks recording dates brought him only limited success but he remained popular in the South his entire life. It seems that every blues musician of consequence who emerged from the Delta from the 30's through to the 60's recalls running across Nighthawk. Continued...

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