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Robert Shaw The 1971 Party Tape

This CD includes a 22 page booklet, an article by Ben Conroy, a list of all Robert Shaw's recordings and what key they are played in by Konrad Nowakowski, a list of all unissued recordings by Robert Shaw by Konrad Nowakowski, photographs, musician personnel, and original discographical details.

By the time he was a teenager, Robert Shaw would slip away from the farm to hear Jazz musicians play in the clubs and roadhouses in and around Houston. As soon as he was able Robert sought out a piano teacher and paid for the lessons out of his own earnings. The ragtime elements and the "barrelhouse" piano style that he learnt at this time were to influence his playing throughout his life. The barrelhouse piano style that Shaw played employs a heavy, hard-hitting contact coupled with a fast release. The name of this style came from the barrelhouses, where it was performed in sheds lined with beer and whisky, an open floor and a piano on an elevated platform in the corner of the room. Shaw learnt this unique style of playing from other Jazz Musicians in the Fourth Ward, Houston, which was the centre of black entertainment in the city. Continued...

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