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Rev Kelsey 1947 - 1951
Rev. Kelsey, Preaching and singing. Includes: Lena Phillips, vocal; Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Russell Morrison, comments; Cifton Chandler, trombone; and others... Gernes: Gospel, Sermons with singing. Informative booklet notes by Bob Laughton. Detailed discography. Amen, hallelujah! When record players still had three - or even four - speeds, I used to own the three Vocalion 78s that contained the last six of the above titles. Like a lot of people, I have more suspicion than religion, but I couldn't help but respond to Rev. Kelsey's bellowed benedictions. His congregation, too, deserve their credit, for in their spoken and sung responses they stoke the fire of the reverend's rhetoric. Listening to these tracks for the first time in twenty years, each nuance and tone in his voice leapt immediately to mind. Now that's power. Continued...

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