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The Unissued 1951 Yancey Wire Recordings

Jimmy Yancey, piano vocal.
Mama Yancey, vocal.
Includes Dick Mushlitz, piano (1 track)

 Genres: Blues piano, boogie-woogie piano.

Informative, 24 page, illustrated booklet, with booklet notes written by Dick Mushlitz.
Detailed discography.

We arrived at Yanceys sometime before midnight. It was still June 16. The party had probably been in progress for some time. Jimmy had been feeling ill for the past few weeks, and when we got there he was resting in the small bedroom just off of the living room where the piano was located, but he soon joined the rest of us. After being introduced to those whom we didn't know, Phil set up the wire recorder and, after asking for and getting an extension cord for the machine from Estelle, began recording. This CD contains all of what was captured on the wires that night.

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