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Earliest Negro Vocal Quartets Vol 2 1893 - 1922
DOCD-5288 The Earliest Negro Vocal Groups Vol. 2 (1893-1922) Unique Quartette (1893) The Standard Quartette (1894-1895) Dinwiddie Colored Quartet (1902) Afro-American Folk Singers (1914) The Right Quintette (1915) Jesse Europe’s Singing Serenaders / Four Harmony Kings (1919) Excelsior Quartette (1922) Genres; Earliest Recordings of Religious & Secular Vocal Harmony Groups. Spirituals. Extensive booklet notes by Tim Brookes & Ken Romanowski. Includes detailed discography. Many writers have claimed that few recordings were made by black Americans before the jazz and blues explosion of the 1920s. This is not the case. Black bands, stage performers, street singers, quartets, choruses and even concert artists recorded during the first 30 years of commercial recording, from 1890 to 1919. Some of the more interesting examples are presented here. Continued...

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