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Blind Willie McTell Statesboro Blues The Early Years 1927 ~ 1935
DOCD-5677 Blind Willie McTell Statesboro Blues - The Early Years (1927 – 1935) Blind Willie McTell, vocal, 12-string guitar, 6-string guitar. With contributions by: Curly Weaver, vocal guitar. Ruby Glaze, vocal. Kate McTell, vocal. Genres: Country Blues, Georgia Blues, Ragtime Guitar, Bottleneck-slide Guitar, Guitar Evangelist. Informative, illustrated 20 page booklet by David Evans. Detailed discography. If Robert Johnson was the king of the Mississippi blues and Blind Lemon Jefferson was the king of the Texas blues then the Royal Crown of the Georgia blues must go to Blind Willie McTell. In addition, he was also a king of the twelve string guitar on which he played some of the deepest “country blues”, intricate “ragtime” and some of the finest “bottleneck slide guitar” to have been recorded. This three CD set covers the early years of this unique and extraordinary blues musician who, though revered by many including, Taj Mahal, The Alman Brothers, Bob Dylan and Jack White, all of who have covered his songs, has never been imitated. Continued...

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