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Rags, Breakdowns, Stomps & Blues - Vintage Mandolin Music (1927-1946)

Various Artists.
Informative 12 page, colour illustrated booklet by Richard Cherry.
Detailed discography.

Keith Briggs of Blues & Rhythm Magazine writes; "These days the mandolin is almost exclusively identified with Bluegrass music but for decades it had maintained a regular showing in mainstream old time music, ragtime and blues (both urban and rural). This is illustrated to the dates appended to the title of this CD which refer at one end to Dallas Rag and Carbolic Rag, various display pieces, one each from the black and white traditions, and at the other Lint Head Stomp, a track often considered to be proto-Bluegrass. The mixture is maintained throughout but is weighted in favor of black artists. Care has also been taken to present the mandolin in a supporting role or as a part of an ensemble.

The secret weapon for many a string band was and still is the mandolin. This compilation brings together some wonderful blues, jazz, bluegrass and country performances, built around this small but potent instrument. Continued...

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Texas Black Country Dance Music 1927 - 1935
Dallas, is the focus for this anthology. Perhaps the most delighted musician of the bunch is Coley Jones, the guitar and mandolin playing leader of the exuberant Dallas String Band. This string ensemble played on the streets of Dallas in the mid-to-late 1920s, charming listeners with its repertoire of turn-of-the century popular songs (Chasin' Rainbows and I Used to Call Her Baby), ragtime (Dallas Rag), and blues songs (Sweet Mama Blues). Jones himself was an older songster whose own recorded repertoire included many song types found among late 19th and early 20th century songsters (DOCD 5161 and 5163). Continued...

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