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Clifford Hayes & Louisville Jug Bands Vol 2 1926 - 1927
Duixieland Jug Blowers; with Lockwood Lewis, alto sax, vocal; Clifford Hayes, violin; Cal Smith, Emmett Perkins, Curtis Hayes, banjo; Earl McDonald, jug, vocal; H. Clifford, jug, Johnny Dodds, clarinet, Earl McDonald’s Original Jug Band; with Lucien Brown, altos sax; Ben Calvin, mandolin; Cal Smith, banjo; Earl McDonald, jug, vocal. Whistler And His Jug Band; with Whistler (Buford Threlkeld), guitar, nose-whistle; Jesse Ferguson, violin; Willie black, tenor banjo; Rudolph Thompson, jug. Genres; Jug Band, Jazz, Blues, Skiffle. Informative booklet note by Brenda Bogart. Detailed discography. A long-time Louisville resident recalls: “You could not walk three blocks in downtown Louisville without running across a bunch of kids with jugs, banjos, guitars, homemade ukuleles and an upturned washtub with a single string that was played with a bow. Also you could see plenty of adults playing on corners trying to make an extra buck and they usually had legitimate instruments plus the jug. Jugs were plentiful in this part of the country during Prohibition."...

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