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Reverend Gary Davis - Manchester Free Trade Hall 1964

Informative booklet notes by Bob Groom.
Detailed discography.

On May 8, 1964 the Rev, on tour with something called the Blues and Gospel Caravan, was recorded in live performance with his Gibson guitar at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester, England. In 2008 Document released a compact disc containing all of the music known to have been taped during that set. Continued...

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Rev Blind Gary Davis 1935 - 1949

Blind / Rev. Gary Davis, vocal guitar

Includes one recording by Bull City Red (George Washington), vocal.

Genres: Guitar evangelist, Ragtime guitar, Gospel, Country blues, Blues guitar.

Informative booklet notes by Chris Smith.
Detailed discography.

From this album's booklet notes.
When Gary Davis made his first records in New York in 1935, he'd been a guitarist for many years; born in Laurens, SC in 1896, by 1904 he owned his own guitar and was playing for dances. By 1911, he was a member of Willie Walker's string band in Greenville. At some point, probably during his first marriage, which lasted from 1919 to 1924, Davis moved to North Carolina, and when he came to record, he was an associate of Blind Boy Fuller, who was also to make his debut on disc on this occasion. Davis was a guitar genius; that much is obvious from the first notes of this CD. Continued...

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An Afternoon with Reverend Gary Davis
DOCD-5693 An Afternoon with Reverend Gary Davis Rev. Gary Davis: vocal, guitar, banjo, harmonica. Genres: blues, ragtime-guitar, blues harmonica, banjo Informative booklet notes by Gary Atkinson Detailed discography The Reverend Gary Davis was one of the best known and most well received artists of the concert stage during the blues and gospel revival period of the 1960s and 70s. His pre-war recordings remain as outstanding examples of the “Guitar Evangelist” genre. Not only was he a fine ragtime and blues guitarist but he was also fearsome singer with the voice of preacher and street singer. With many studio albums and countless concert appearances behind him it was in the role of a music teacher that he excelled. Among his earliest pupils was Blind Boy Fuller! Continued...

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