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Country Blues, the essential DOUBLE CD
Drawing from the Document Catalogue, this double CD set represents some of the many wonderful Country Blues recordings, in particular with the accompaniment of guitars and harmonicas, which came from the halcyon days when Country Blues musicians could be heard playing on the streets, at parties, dances and in juke joints, or on the porches of sharecropper's shacks.

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Ragtime Blues Guitar 1927 - 1930

Various artists.
Genres: Ragtime guitar, Blues Guitar.
Informative booklet notes by Chris Smith.
Detailed discography.
Abridged from this CDs booklet notes.
The syncopated music that its black originators called “ragtime” was developed as a piano music in the last decade of the 19th Century, about the same time that the blues were also taking shape as a musical genre. Ragtime was a coming to terms between African cross-rhythms and the formalised syncopation of European art music and thus served equally as a vehicle for Scott Joplin's doomed ambition to be taken seriously and as a safely exotic craze for whites. Pop fashion moved on, to take up and dilute other black musical creations but ragtime entered the American folk consciousness, both white and black; in the Eastern states, particularly, it became a vital component in the sound of black blues, its lilting dance rhythms permeating, sometimes dominating, the ideas of the musicians of Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia. Controll...

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