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Cow Cow Davenport Vol 2 1929 - 1945

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God Don`t Like It - Document Shortcuts Vol 1 Blues Sampler
Maybe you already know something about Document, maybe (to use a music biz term) you are just “scratching the surface”. Either way, here is a clip, a snippet, an appetizer made up from tracks found within the catalogue. You don’t have to be a collector, worrying about matrix numbers or what colour socks such and such an artist was wearing during his 1953 recording of his big hit “I’m Really Happy Blues”, to appreciate the Shortcuts albums. This music was never recorded to be analysed, it was just for people to dig it, savour it, perhaps to hear it’s message, more than likely dance to it.

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Teddy Bunn 1929 - 1940
Document JPCD-1509-2 Teddy Bunn (1929 - 1940) Teddy Bunn, vocal, guitar. Includes: Spencer Williams, vocal; James P. Johnson, piano; Buck Franklin, vocal; Mezz Mezzrow, clarinet, Tommy Ladnier, trumpet; Sidney De Paris, trumpet; Pops Foster, stand-up bass; Fat Hayden, vocal; Sam Price, piano; Walter Pichon, vocal, piano; Henry "Red" Allen. Genres: Jazz, Jazz Guitar. Booklet notes by Ken Romanowski Detailed discography. Born in the Long Island suburb Freeport, New York in 1909, Theodore Leroy Bunn was already surrounded by music, as both parents played keyboard instruments and his brother was a violinist. His first professional experience was as an accompanist to a calypso singer, but by the time he was 20 he was recording with the biggest names in the jazz field. His earliest appearance on record seems to have been the two tracks accompanying Walter Pichon included on this CD, immediately followed that same day by four tracks with Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra where Bunn substituted on guitar for Fred Guy, Ellington's regular banjoist. Continued...

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