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Walter Davis Vol 7 1946 - 1952
DOCD-5287 Walter Davis Vol 7 1946 - 1952 Walter Davis; vocal, piano. With contributions by: Henry Townsend, guitar; Jump Jackson, drums; Leonard Caston, guitar; and others. Genres: Chicago and St Louis blues. Informative booklet notes by Julian Yarrow. Includes full discographical details. There are few, if any, blues singers who recorded as much as Walter Davis did who were so consistently strong in there performances. Drop the metaphorical needle on to any track on any of the seven volumes on the Document label, covering his recording career and the chances are that you will find a performance that is not only immensely deep and touching, but that is marvellously self-contained - a brilliant, profound statement of the blues in two to three minutes. His accompaniments are comparatively - deceptively - simple, but he makes each note carry a weight of power and emotion, and his vocals echo this with their remarkably eloquent evocations of alienation and loss. Continued...

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Too Late Too Late Vol 9 1922 - 1945

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Jazz & Blues Piano Vol 2 1924 - 1947

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